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Welcome to Brooklyn Smile, a family-owned practice serving Brooklyn, NY, Bay Ridge, and the tristate area for over 40 years. Dr. Gary Herskovits, Dr. Amy HerskovitsDr. Adam Herskovits, and their team of specialists are dedicated to providing high-quality dentistry tailored to each patient’s individual needs.

The Brooklyn Smile team goes the extra mile to provide a friendly, warm environment so you can feel completely at ease. We invite you to call to schedule a visit.

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Our mission at Brooklyn Smile is to enhance patients’ lives by providing personalized dental care. Empathetic to the challenges of everyday life, the team is focused on continuity of care for patients of all ages under one roof.

The Brooklyn Smile team works one-on-one with you to design your treatment plan and help you achieve your smile goals. We offer a full range of services from preventive care to full mouth restoration. We have the latest technologies and highly skilled specialists on our team.



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Preventive dental care is all about taking proactive steps to maintain the health of your teeth and gums. It involves a range of services and practices aimed at preventing dental problems before they even have a chance to develop. By prioritizing preventive dental care through checkups, cleanings, fluoride treatments, and oral cancer screenings on a routine basis – you're investing in the long-term health and beauty of your smile!! Dental exams and checkupsPreventive dental care services, such as regular dental checkups, are essential for...

Oral surgery encompasses a wide range of procedures that address complex dental issues, from extracting impacted wisdom teeth to correcting jaw abnormalities. While surgery may sound intimidating, oral surgery is crucial in enhancing dental health, alleviating pain, and restoring smiles.Oral surgery is a specialized branch of dentistry involving surgical procedures in and around the mouth, jaws, and facial structures. At Brooklyn Smile, our dentists in Bay Ridge, NY, undergo extensive training, making them highly skilled in performing complex...

Routine dental care refers to the regular maintenance and preventive measures taken to keep your teeth and gums healthy. It involves a series of procedures performed by dental professionals, such as dentists and hygienists, at regular intervals. Routine dental care plays a vital role in maintaining optimal oral health throughout our lives. By keeping up with regular appointments and following good oral hygiene practices at home, we can prevent many common dental problems while enjoying a bright smile that lasts a lifetime!What Are The Common...

These are just some of the procedures and services we regularly provide. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us today or click to learn more about what we can do for you. We look forward to providing you with the personal touch you deserve.

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder characterized by breathing interruptions or pauses during sleep caused by the partial or complete blockage of the upper airway. These pauses in breathing, known as apneas, can last for a few seconds or longer and occur multiple times throughout the night.  Sleep apnea can significantly disrupt the sleep cycle, causing fragmented and poor-quality sleep. These breathing interruptions can lead to various symptoms including excessive daytime sleepiness, loud snoring, morning headaches, irritability,...

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Why should I visit the dentist regularly?

Many people only visit the dentist when they have a noticeable problem. While they may think that they are saving money, the reality is that the treatments to repair and restore their teeth and smiles cost more money and time than it does to visit the dentist at regular intervals... Read More

Brushing your teeth will clean the surfaces of your teeth but will not reach the areas between the teeth or below the gumline. Flossing ensures that plaque and bacteria are removed from your mouth before they can cause damage to your teeth... Read More

You should brush at least twice each day. It is especially important that you brush your teeth before going to bed. Use an ADA-approved soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste. You should floss daily. Contact our office if you have questions... Read More

Dental X-rays are extremely safe. In fact, you are exposed to less radiation with dental X-rays than you are in your day-to-day life from the sun. Advances in dentistry continue to make dental X-rays safer through digital imaging technologies and higher-speed X-rays... Read More

Please speak with our team. We take your fear seriously and will work with you to help you feel more comfortable in our office. There are many strategies that we can use to help reduce anxiety and fear... Read More

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends that children visit the dentist for the first time about six months after their first tooth erupts or no later than their first birthday. These appointments are designed to help your child become comfortable in the dental office... Read More

Babies actually begin to develop teeth in the second trimester of pregnancy (about 16 to 20 weeks.) Teeth typically begin to emerge between 6 and 10 months of age... Read More

Primary teeth are critical to maintaining good oral health and proper development. Your child's primary teeth facilitate:Proper speech production and developmentProper chewing, nutrition and good digestionStraighter smiles... Read More

Cosmetic dentistry is a dental field that focuses on improving the appearance of your teeth so that you can enjoy a more beautiful smile. It includes preventive care as well as restorative treatments... Read More

There are several options available to replace your missing tooth. When you visit our office, our dentists will examine your mouth, discuss your oral health needs and smile goals with you and review your treatment options... Read More

A root canal is a procedure performed to save your tooth when it is decayed or infected... Read More

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that focuses on diagnosing, preventing, and treating misaligned teeth and jaws... Read More

The American Association of Orthodontists® recommends that children receive their initial orthodontic screening by age 7... Read More

No! While the majority of patients who receive orthodontic treatment are children or teenagers, more and more adults are seeking orthodontic treatment to improve their smiles and oral health... Read More

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is an oral condition that affects the gums and supporting structures in your mouth... Read More

Periodontal disease is caused by the harmful bacteria trapped in plaque. As plaque hardens into calculus (tartar), the disease becomes more established in your mouth... Read More

Symptoms of periodontal disease include: red, swollen or tender gums or other pain in your mouth... Read More

Halitosis (bad breath) may be caused by any number of factors, including: Poor oral hygiene, Cavities, Periodontal disease... Read More


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