image of the doctor Dr. Gary Herskovits

Dr. Gary Herskovits Dentist

Dr. Gary Herskovits, Dentist

Dr. Herskovits defines Brooklyn, New York, and Brooklyn, New York, defines Brooklyn Smile. Dr. Herskovits graduated from NYU Dental School in 1981. His passion for helping people was the motivation for Brooklyn Smile.
image of the doctor Dr. Amy Herskovits

Dr. Amy Herskovits Dentist

Dr. Amy Herskovits, Dentist

Dr. Amy Herskovits received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from New York University College of Dentistry in 2015. After graduation, she completed she completed a general practice residency at New York Presbyterian Methodist Hospital of Brooklyn before beginning her career in private practice. She continues to educate herself on the latest materials and techniques so that she can provide the best care to her patients.


9412 4th Avenue,
Brooklyn, NY 11209

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