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Treatment for a Jutted Tooth

Cosmetic dentist Gary Herskovits can treat a jutted tooth to give patients straighter, more symmetrical teeth.

Dr. Gary Herskovits Nov 12, 2017

Dental Crowns: Proper Aftercare and Cleaning Tips

Proper cleaning and maintenance of dental crowns can help them last for many years. The team at Brooklyn Smile wants to explore patient aftercare options.

Dr. Gary Herskovits Oct 28, 2017

After Root Canal Therapy: Patient Recovery and Healing

After undergoing a root canal (endodontic therapy) at Brooklyn Smile, patients are given instructions for healing and recovery. Let's cover some of the basics.

Dr. Gary Herskovits Oct 14, 2017

Are You a Good Candidate for a Dental Bridge?

Find out whether you are a good candidate for a traditional fixed dental bridge or an implant-supported dental bridge.

Dr. Gary Herskovits Sep 13, 2017

Aggressive Tooth Brushing Does More Harm than Good

Aggressive tooth brushing removes more than plaque, it also wears away enamel. Let's consider the link between aggressive tooth brushing and dental damage.

Dr. Gary Herskovits Aug 14, 2017

Treatments for Twisted Teeth: Straightening Your Smile

Twisted teeth can lead to major dental health and smile aesthetics problems. Let's consider the orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry treatments available.

Dr. Gary Herskovits Jul 14, 2017

Hyperdontia Treatment Options: Dealing with Extra Teeth

Hyperdontia is a condition in which people have more teeth than normal. Oral surgery and orthodontics can help treat this dental problem.

Dr. Gary Herskovits Jun 28, 2017

Progressive Stages of Tooth Decay

Dr. Gary Herskovits offers effective dentistry treatments for the progressive stages of tooth decay.

Dr. Gary Herskovits Jun 14, 2017

What Are the Benefits of Tongue Scrapers?

Dr. Gary Herskovits at Brooklyn Smile discusses the benefits of tongue scrapers and why it’s important to implement other oral hygiene habits.

Dr. Gary Herskovits Jun 09, 2017

How Certain Medications Lead to Poor Gum Health

The side effects and use of certain medications can lead to gum recession and periodontal disease. Let's explore this issue.

Dr. Gary Herskovits May 14, 2017

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