Dental Implants and Your Smile

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Dental implants (please click on the blue link to view our dental implant service page) have been around for many years and are now mainstream. The technology of having the implant bond to your jaw is ever getting better. All implants are made of titanium. The key to the strengths is attained by the coating on the implant. This coating will enable the bone in your jaw to attach better and therefore have a stronger bond to your jaw. Original research years ago had the abutment that attached to the implant (see photo) attach by a key and lock system. Many had six locks in a hexagonal shape, some have three in a triangular shape called a trilobe.

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The latest research shows that a conical (round connection) has a better bone to implant connection and preserves the bone around the implant better. The newer implant designs are conical. When you are interested in implants you should inquire about these subtle differences to get to the best treatment possible.

Many dental offices use an abutment that is pre-made from the manufacturer. The dentist has to then drill the abutment or post  (connection piece) to properly fit your mouth and implant. Sometimes the dentist may use a knock-off or second market post. It’s similar to say having your Toyota repaired using a second market part, not made by the manufacturer.  These second market parts are not guaranteed and are used to save money.  The better way in our opinion is to have the abutment and crown custom made by computer-assisted technology with original parts from the manufacturer assuring quality. This computer design is called CAD/CAM, computer-assisted design, computer-assisted manufacture.

Implants are used to replace missing teeth in several differing instances. There are many instances where an implant provides comfort in eating, smiling and confidence and implants are by far a better choice in all instances.

Missing Back Teeth

With no teeth behind the space, the only choices here are a partial denture made of metal and or plastic which will move when you speak or eat. When you are missing a tooth and still have a tooth in front of and behind the space you have a choice in permanent replacement.

Like any bridge (Golden Gate, Veranzano) you need anchors on both sides of the space (span) or you couldn’t make a permanent bridge. The downside to this is you need to prepare or shave down the 2 anchoring teeth on either side of the missing tooth so it fits your mouth properly. Once you start shaving teeth, root canals made be needed increasing the cost and amount of procedures to restore your health. etc. One implant can replace the missing tooth without shaving or touching actual teeth.

Lastly, whatever is chosen by the patient, you MUST keep it clean. Like natural teeth or anything you purchase, maintenance is the key. An implant will ONLY fail if it’s not kept clean and healthy. We recommend a 3 -4 month maintenance cleaning with us as well as good home care.