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Root Canal Therapy Can Eliminate Advanced Decay

A root canal can salvage a tooth affected by advanced decay. During root canal therapy, Brooklyn dentist Gary Herskovits removes all infected matter from within a tooth, and restores the tooth with a custom dental crown. Dr. Herskovits’ advanced techniques and gentle care make root canal therapy a virtually painless procedure. If you are experiencing severe dental pain, you may be a candidate for a root canal. Contact Brooklyn Smile and schedule a consultation with Dr. Herskovits today.

Root Canal Therapy in Bay Ridge

When Is a Root Canal Necessary?

If dental decay goes undetected and untreated, it may eventually advance beyond the outer layer of the tooth, infecting the pulp inside. This can cause immense discomfort, abscesses, jaw pain, headaches, and other symptoms. If the decay continues to spread, it could completely destroy your tooth, and it could affect your gum tissue and surrounding teeth. Root canal therapy is designed to restore your comfort, save the healthy outer structure of your tooth, and prevent the spread of infection.

The Root Canal Procedure

Before your root canal, Dr. Herskovits will numb your tooth and nearby gum tissue. If you are feeling anxious, we also offer several types of sedation to help you achieve comfort. However, thanks to our advanced treatment, most patients experience little discomfort during this procedure.

After administering anesthesia, Dr. Herskovits will create a tiny opening in your tooth, through which he will remove all infected pulp from the inner chamber and from your root canals (the inner areas of your tooth roots). He will then sterilize the inside of the tooth. Next, he will fill the tooth with a soft rubber compound called gutta percha. Finally, Dr. Herskovits will complete the procedure by filling the access point and placing a temporary dental crown. After about two weeks, your permanent crown will be ready for placement.

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy has several major benefits for your overall dental health: 

  • The procedure ends the serious discomfort of infection.
  • It protects your overall health, preventing further decay and infection.
  • Modern techniques make the procedure virtually painless.
  • Root canal therapy salvages the remaining healthy portions of your tooth, eliminating the need for extraction. Although Dr. Herskovits must remove some of the outer tooth structure to accommodate your crown, the majority of your tooth will remain intact. If the tooth was lost or extracted, on the other hand, you would need much more extensive restorative work, such as a traditional bridge or a dental implant-supported restoration.

If you are experiencing symptoms of advanced tooth decay, it is very important to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Treating tooth decay in its earliest stages is the surest way to avoid tooth loss and other complications.

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If you are suffering the pain of an infected tooth, contact Brooklyn Smile today. We will be happy to book your appointment with Dr. Herskovits so he can determine if a root canal or another treatment can help you.  

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