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Gentle Wisdom Tooth Extraction Can Prevent Major Oral Health Issues

When wisdom teeth do not emerge properly, they can cause oral health concerns, making extraction necessary. Dr. Gary Herskovits can perform wisdom tooth extraction procedures, including the removal of impacted teeth, at his Brooklyn, NY, practice. In many cases extraction can prevent critical issues such as misalignment, crowding, and infection. Dr. Herskovits uses precise techniques to ensure minimal discomfort and faster recovery times. To benefit from his experienced care, contact Brooklyn Smile today.

Bay Ridge Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Why Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars that typically develop and erupt during the late teens and early twenties. It is very rare for these teeth to come in without causing issues. The third molars can displace other teeth, causing widespread misalignment that requires orthodontia, or undoes previous orthodontic work. Resulting shifts in teeth can also cause bruxism (grinding), temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, and decay. In other cases, wisdom teeth can become impacted, or stuck in the jaw, leading to severe discomfort, infection, and damage to surrounding teeth. Similarly, when a wisdom tooth does not fully erupt, the surrounding gum tissue can become inflamed. Bacteria can also accumulate in the flap of tissue around the tooth, leading to decay and other oral health issues. Wisdom tooth extraction can prevent these problems, and lead to better oral and overall health.

Dr. Herskovits can use advanced x-rays and digital scans to determine if patients have enough room for wisdom teeth, and can recommend appropriate treatment. When extraction is performed early, the wisdom teeth, and the bone surrounding them, may not be fully formed, making the procedure easier, and recovery faster. Dr. Herskovits is also able to perform extractions of partially and fully erupted teeth, as well as correct any damage they may have caused.

Our practice offers safe IV (intravenous) sedation to ensure your comfort during treatment, and many patients often do not remember any of their procedure.

What to Expect during Wisdom Tooth Extraction

If your wisdom tooth has already fully erupted, Dr. Herskovits can extract it as he would with any molar. Teeth that are have not fully broken through the gums, are impacted, or coming in at a non-vertical angle can be more difficult to remove. For these extractions, Dr. Herskovits will make an incision in the gums, and remove any bone tissue that will prevent easy removal. He often will then divide the wisdom tooth into sections for gentler extraction. Once he has removed the entire tooth, he will close the incisions and pack the wound site for better healing.

Our practice offers safe IV (intravenous) sedation to ensure your comfort during treatment, and many patients often do not remember any of their procedure.

After wisdom tooth removal, your recovery will typically take three days to a week. It is normal to experience some swelling and discomfort. Over-the-counter pain medication can usually reduce sensitivity. However, our office can prescribe stronger pain relief if needed. You will also need to eat a soft diet for a few days to avoid aggravating the incision sites.

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Do not wait until you are in pain to inquire about wisdom tooth removal. Contact our office to schedule a consultation and benefit from our advanced experience with extractions and general dentistry.

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