How to Get Rid of Bad Breath | Treating Halitosis with Brooklyn Smile

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Bad breath can have many causes. From poor dental hygiene to certain illnesses, excessive snoring and medications, thousands of people deal with chronic halitosis every day. With so many causes of bad breath, it’s important to understand the mechanisms that cause it and how working with a dental team can help treat the problem.

What Causes Bad Breath?

In short, bad breath is caused by odor-producing bacteria. These bacteria can reside in the mouth or produce bad breath from the tongue. Additionally, some conditions produce bad breath from the stomach. Though we know halitosis originates from these bacteria.

There are dozens of potential causes of halitosis, but most cases fit into these categories:

Insufficient Dental Hygiene

Brushing and flossing has many benefits for your teeth and gums, but one is clearing food particles from your mouth. Bacteria resulting from these food particles causes plaque, and plaque can lead to bad breath. Bacteria on the tongue (often towards the back of the mouth) can also be detrimental to your oral hygiene. A dirty tongue is often a cause of halitosis but can be rectified easily with regular scraping and brushing.

Oral Medical Conditions

There are several ailments that can cause bad breath. Chronic dry mouth limits cleansing saliva, infections can lead to pockets of odorous bacteria, and small tonsil stones may cause bad breath. Other diseases can also produce bad breath from the stomach, like various cancers, metabolic disorders, and chronic acid reflux.

Consumable Causes

We know that some foods can cause halitosis like garlic, onions, etc. Aside from food, there are two lesser-known consumable items that cause bad breath: medication and tobacco. Tobacco users don’t just suffer from the smell of tobacco, but also from higher instances of odor-causing gum disease. Some medicines can also cause odor via dry mouth or chemicals that break down in the stomach and affect the breath.

How to Get Rid of Bad Breath

With so many causes of bad breath.  We assure you that you can treat halitosis, but only with the right care. Brooklyn Smile specializes in bad breath treatment. The staff at our practice provides treatments for bad breath and helps improve your heath, confidence, and well-being.

Dr. Herskovits has treated halitosis for 30 years with a 98% rate of success. With treatments from Brooklyn Smile, you’ll feel better in three days or less. The team will examine and test your breath, using a machine that measures your breath’s Sulfur levels. Treatment for bad breath is non-invasive, with no lasers or surgery of any kind. Over the course of two visits, our simple treatment will help you control bad breath.  Contact us and make your next appointment with Brooklyn Smile.