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Dental Crowns Can Restore and Replace Damaged Teeth

Dental crowns provided by Brooklyn dentist Gary Herskovits can restore teeth following treatment for trauma or decay. They can also be used to enhance the aesthetics of your smile, making intrinsically discolored or misshapen teeth look more uniform. These tooth-shaped prosthetics are custom-crafted to look completely natural among your existing teeth while restoring balance to your bite. We often use dental crowns to restore teeth following root canal therapy. We can also create crowns to restore dental implants if you are missing a single tooth. Dr. Herskovits will take great care to provide you with a crown that not only restores functionality, but also helps your smile look healthy and complete. Our on-site laboratory allows us to provide custom crowns in about a week. If you are suffering with missing or compromised teeth, contact our office today to learn how dental crowns can restore your smile.

Dental Crowns in Bay Ridge

Placing Dental Crowns

Placing a dental crown typically requires two visits to our office, with about a week in between. During your first visit, your tooth will be treated. This can involve removing portions of an aesthetically inconsistent tooth so it can accommodate a crown, or reshaping a damaged tooth to create a suitable foundation. It could also involve a root canal, in which advanced decay is completely eradicated from the inside and outside of a tooth, leaving only the healthy outer tooth structure. Once treatment is complete, Dr. Herskovits will take an impression of the tooth, which will guide our lab technicians in creating your crown. In some cases, we can provide you with a same-day crown using advanced technology. If you are not eligible for same-day treatment, Dr. Herskovits can provide you with a temporary crown to wear while the lab fabricates your custom restoration.

After about a week, you will return to have your permanent crown placed. Dr. Herskovits will make certain that the crown fits properly and achieves proper balance in your bite. Any necessary alterations to the crown will be made before you leave our office.

Kinds of Crowns

We offer all-porcelain crowns as well as metal crowns with a porcelain exterior. All--porcelain crowns are typically used to restore front teeth. Metal crowns with fused porcelain exteriors are often used to restore back teeth, which require greater reinforcement to stand up to the pressure of chewing. During your treatment, Dr. Herskovits will discuss his recommendations for your restoration. 

Caring for Crowns

Today's dental crowns are more durable than ever before. However, they are still susceptible to damage without the proper care. It is important to try and avoid chewing especially hard or chewy foods with your crown. You should also modify your flossing technique by pulling floss from back to front near the crown, rather than moving floss up and down, which can potentially dislodge the restoration.

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If you are suffering with a missing, damaged, or decayed tooth, Dr. Herskovits can provide you with the treatment you need, followed by a strong, realistic-looking dental crown. To learn more about how custom crowns can restore your smile, please contact our office today.

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