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A Sinus Lift Can Successfully Prepare Your Jaw for Dental Implants

For patients who have insufficient upper jawbone volume to support dental implants, Dr. Gary Herskovits can perform a sinus lift to restore candidacy. During a sinus lift, our team can add bone to your upper jaw and "lift" the sinus membrane in preparation for implant posts. Our Brooklyn, NY, office is equipped with advanced tools and technology, which can streamline your treatment and help put you at ease. For your satisfaction and convenience, we can provide comprehensive care from implant surgery to restoration placement to ensure you achieve your desired results.

Bay Ridge Sinus Lift
During a sinus lift, your doctor can create space for a dental implant and place grafted bone for extra support and security.

What is a Sinus Lift?

In preparation for treatment, your doctor can transplant bone from your hip, chin, or tibia into your jawbone. He may choose to use donor bone depending upon your needs. Implanted bone can promote healthy tissue growth in the upper jaw, which can provide a secure base for dental implants. During the procedure, the sinus membrane is lifted to make adequate room for the grafted tissue between the upper jaw and sinuses.

Am I a Candidate?

This procedure is often necessary for patients who have a weak upper jawbone or an insufficient amount of healthy tissue. This can be caused by:

  • Periodontal disease
  • Jawbone trauma or injury
  • Significant tooth loss
  • A thin sinus wall
  • A large sinus cavity

Using advanced technology, Dr. Herskovits can perform a thorough examination to determine the health of your jawbone and remaining teeth. He may request advanced imaging or x-rays to evaluate the structure of your smile and face. Using these scans, Dr. Herskovits can create a treatment plan suited to your unique needs.

The Sinus Lift Procedure

Before your procedure, Dr. Herskovits can administer sedation and a local anesthetic to help ensure your comfort. After harvesting tissue from your body or preparing donor tissue, he will make an incision in the side of the gums to reach the sinus membrane. He will then fold back your gum tissue and gently lift the sinus membrane. After creating space, Dr. Herskovits can insert new bone tissue so that it rests between your sinus membrane and jawbone. The amount of bone tissue required varies from patient to patient, but in most cases, patients require several millimeters. Once in place, your doctor can close the incision with dissolvable sutures. 

Achieving a Smooth Recovery

During recovery, the grafted material should fuse with your jawbone and begin to generate healthy tissue. It is important to follow at-home care instructions to promote proper healing. This period generally takes about four to nine months before implants can be placed.

For your satisfaction and convenience, we can provide comprehensive care from implant surgery to restoration placement to ensure you achieve your desired results.

For the first week, you may experience some swelling, bleeding, or soreness. To address any discomfort and prevent infection, Dr. Herskovits may provide you with saline spray, prescription pain medication, and antibiotics. It is imperative that you avoid sneezing or blowing your nose until cleared by the doctor, so as to not disrupt the sutures and grafted material. If you struggle from seasonal allergies, you may want to consider scheduling your procedure during an appropriate month to help ensure a successful outcome. Once you have fully healed, Dr. Herskovits can perform your dental implant surgery.

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If you are not a good candidate for dental implants, a sinus lift may help you qualify for treatment. To learn more about the superior care we provide at Brooklyn Smile, fill out our online form or call us at (718) 745-3456 to schedule your consultation.

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