Full Arch Dental Implant

A full arch dental implant is a comprehensive solution for individuals who are missing an entire arch of teeth. This procedure involves the placement of multiple dental implants to support a fixed prosthesis, which replaces all the teeth in either the upper or lower jaw. Unlike traditional dentures, which sit on top of your gums and can be uncomfortable and unstable, a full arch dental implant provides a permanent and secure foundation for your new set of teeth.


How to Get a Full Arch Dental Implant

Getting a full arch dental implant is a multi-step process that requires careful planning and execution. When you schedule a consultation with Dr. Herskovits at Brooklyn Smile, our dentist will examine your mouth and take 3D scans to assess the condition of your teeth and jawbone. Based on the results of these scans, he will create a personalized treatment plan for you. This may involve extracting any remaining teeth in the arch, as well as bone grafting if necessary.

Once the treatment plan is finalized, you'll be scheduled for surgery. The procedure itself involves placing multiple dental implants into your jawbone to serve as anchors for the replacement teeth. After the implants are placed, there will be a healing period of several months, during which time the implants fuse with your jawbone—a process called osseointegration.

Once healing is complete, custom-made replacement teeth—either fixed or removable—will be attached to the implants. These replacement teeth are designed to look and function like natural teeth, allowing you to eat and speak comfortably again. It's important to note that getting a full arch dental implant is not an overnight process—it takes time and patience. However, many patients find that it's worth it in terms of improved oral health and quality of life.

Benefits of a Full Arch Dental Implant

A full arch dental implant is a revolutionary solution for people who have lost all or most of their teeth. This advanced dental procedure offers numerous benefits that can significantly improve the quality of life for individuals with missing teeth.

  • One major advantage of a full arch dental implant is its ability to restore the functionality and aesthetics of natural teeth. With this treatment, patients regain the ability to chew food properly, which not only enhances their overall oral health but also improves digestion and nutrition.
  • Full arch dental implants are designed to be comfortable and stable. Unlike traditional dentures that may slip or cause discomfort, implants provide a secure fit that allows you to speak and eat confidently without worrying about any embarrassing mishaps.
  • Another significant benefit is that full arch dental implants help preserve facial structure by preventing bone loss in the jaw. When teeth are missing, the underlying bone deteriorates over time, leading to changes in facial appearance such as sagging or sunken cheeks. Implants stimulate bone growth and maintain proper jawbone density.
  • In addition to these functional advantages, full arch dental implants also offer psychological benefits. Having a complete set of teeth can boost self-confidence and improve social interactions. You'll feel more comfortable smiling, talking, and laughing without feeling self-conscious about your missing teeth.
  • Moreover, compared to other tooth replacement options like bridges or removable dentures, full arch dental implants have long-term durability. With proper care and maintenance through regular oral hygiene practices along with routine visits to Dr. Herskovits's office for check-ups and cleanings, they can last for many years or even a lifetime!

In order to get a full arch dental implant in Bay Ridge, NY, it is essential to consult with Dr. Herskovits who specializes in implant dentistry.

It's important to note that while full arch dental implants offer significant advantages over other tooth replacement options, they may not be suitable for everyone. Visit our dentists at Brooklyn Smile at 9412 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11209, or call (718) 745-3456 to determine the most appropriate treatment plan.


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