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Dr. Gary Herskovits, Dr. Amy Herskovits and Dr. Adam Herskovits utilize a revolutionary technology to replace your missing teeth and restore your smile in a single visit to our office!

Restore Your Smile-Quickly

With teeth-in-an-hour, the Brooklyn Smile team can replace your missing tooth or teeth in about an hour to give you back a healthy smile. Broken teeth or missing front teeth can be replaced with implants and crowns using our high-tech methods.
Tooth ReplacementWe can also secure your own current dentures with implants and remove the palate. Patients often do not like the palate on their top dentures because they cannot taste their food as before, and it may have an unnatural feel and create a lisp when speaking. Many patients need glue or paste to hold the dentures in place because, over time, the bone shrinks. Patients may not realize their dentures are loose and moving because they are used to them. As the loose dentures move, they rock on the gum and bone, making the bone shrink faster. With implants, there is no need for glue and almost no chance of dentures loosening and causing the bone to shrink!

The teeth-in-a-day technique allows our dentists to place implants quickly and with great precision. It also prevents the need for extensive bone grafting procedures, giving you a faster and more comfortable overall treatment as well as an excellent long-term solution for your smile and oral health.

Benefits of same-day teeth include:

  • A fixed solution that can look, feel and function like your original teeth
  • A highly stable final result
  • No food restrictions, allowing you to bite and chew normally
  • A treatment that can be completed in about an hour

When properly cared for, your same-day teeth can last for a lifetime. We welcome you to call Brooklyn Smile at 718-745-3456 to schedule your consultation and learn more about teeth-in-a-day in Brooklyn, New York.